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Congratulations to all of our 2018 Employee’s of the Month! 


And a huge congratulations to our very own Docia, who was recently sworn in as a U.S. citizen!


We are reviewing nominations for the next Employee of the Month and will be starting the program for 2019 soon! 


December 2018

Mavreen Smith received an overwhelming number of nominations for the title "Employee of the Month", with her co-workers urging that "she deserves this". She is described as conscientious, efficient, helpful, a team player, flexibe, and a true asset to the agency. Her peers say she gets along with everybody and treats everyone with dignity and respect. Mavreen always stays late, picks up shifts, and is an important member of the NBFL Safety Committee.


November 2018

Keith Young is described by his co-workers as a team player. His co-workers express that he handles difficult situations with patience and understanding, and brings positivity and humor to the environments. He maintains excellent communication with his supervisors and handles delegated tasks with efficiency and flexibility.


August 2018

Tricia Duguay goes above and beyone to create structure and consistency for the individual she serves. She has become an important influence in her clients' lives annd an integral member of the NBFL team. 


June 2018

Julia Tinetti works well as a part of her team and is very flexible in taking on different tasks throughout the day and picking up extra shifts. Julia steps in during emergencies or crises and handles stressful situations with confidence and professionalism.


May 2018

Jeffery Gilles is always willing to fill in for his co-workers, pick up extra shifts, and change his schedule or switch consumers with short notice. Jeff is a team player and always willing to help out his co-workers and supervisors.


April 2018

Julie Long is described by her co-workers as self-motivated and efficient. Julie is a true team player. She often assists with scheduling, trainings, and a variety of other delegated tasks. Julie goes above and beyond the call of duty and is an asset to her team. Congratulations, Julie!


March 2018

Covington Holland began working with NBFL in August of last year. When Covington comes onto shift, he makes a point to greet everyone and gets right to work. He works hard to ensure the house is clean and pays extra attention to client safety. Covington is a pleasure to work with and is well-liked by his clients. Thank you for your hard work, Cov!



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