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We are an integrated lifeskills-residential living program dedicated to helping disabled adults live independently, Contact Us: 860-531-9426 or 860-559-4693


        Here at New Beginnings for Life LLC, we focus on the skills needed for Independent Living for disabled adults. Some of the services offered are cooking, cleaning your home, use of public transportation, personal hygiene, banking skills, finding and keeping a job, community service, environmental awareness, making friends, and developing relationships. Some of our clients attend Community College or private training in the area and we help them develop good study skills. In addition we offer sign language, for those hearing impaired, as well as GED preparation.

     On the lighter side, we have plenty of fun.  Our environment is family-like and we offer a variety of arts and crafts, gardening, and fun outings. (See some of our photos on this site!)

     Currently we have openings for both men and women in Residential supports, Day Program supports, transportation and we also offer In-home supports now. No matter the situation, we can help you with the supports you are looking for. We are a small enough agency that we are able to personalize the supports for any individual's needs.

       Don't want to live at home, but aren't quite ready to live on your own? We here at New Beginnings for Life LLC are a year round program dedicated to helping the learning disabled young adult acquire the needed skills for independent living. We are a small post-secondary Residential Program, and because of that, we are able to customize your needs to develop your skill levels. Upon completion at this level, we offer an "Advancement Program" in the community into your own apartment living situation. In the "Supported Living Apartment Program", you will live independently or with one roommate, and only have a need for "part time" staff. This program is designed for the "Graduate" of the New Beginnings basic program or for anyone already prepared to live in the community with only part time staff support. If you feel you already have the ADL skills (cooking, cleaning, hygiene, social etc.) needed to live on your own, but still require some support from staff, then this program is for you. We have also started a RESPITE program for day or overnight services for those needing temporary stays from one day to several months.

       We have recently expanded services to include non-ambulatory adults in wheelchairs, and those requiring a little help in ambulating. With the addition of the new ramp to the main house, it has opened the doors to the house for our wheelchair folks. We are also accepting the older generation who are looking for a special place, geared to the "retirement years", but who still like to get out and be active--all be it, at a slower pace.

While you are visiting us online be sure to read the comments of our parents. We are very proud of what we do. If you would like any information about our services, please contact us at (860) 531-9426. We welcome any suggestions to improve our site, and to make it as informative as it can be. Thank you for visiting.

Ellen Young: Director

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